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***Update: 1 Dec 2018 I've moved to 696 Gulf Rd #136,  Cibolo TX 78108 and my tel is 210-241-5722.  I'm in a better facility now providing better services.***

“DRBlast is dedicated to providing the best quality craftsmanship in media blasting, metal repair, and welding. We practice honest business principles while offering competitive pricing, and providing outstanding results.”

I retired from the US Army - 21 years of active duty.  Going in the Army was something that was supposed to last for 3 yrs, but, I kept having fun, traveling, meeting new people, doing new things, so, I stuck with it!   Some of my active and practiced jobs I've had have been Metalworker (44B), Machinist (44E) Inelligence Analyst (96B), and I started off as Explosive Ordnance Disposal EOD (55D). I’ve been very active in automotive hobbies since before the Army, during, and now after. I’ve been Media Blasting since 2002, send me an email and I promise to respond in a timely manner.I love cars, and have for as long as I can remember. When I was 15 I painted a guys barn on a deal he'd give me his wife's wrecked 1968 VW Beetle, which I made into a Baja Bug -- had lots of fun in that car, learned how to drive; burn outs, spins, excessive braking are all skills  that drivers need to be familiar with. 

I sort of stumbled into this business back in 1998 when I asked around how I could get the undercarriage clean on my 300 vs.using a wire brush. I was told there wasa guy who did Plastic Media Blasting in town, I called him up, we arranged the deal and he blasted the undercarriage of my car – needless to say, I was and remain impressed! Soon after he offered to sell me his business as he was getting older and didn’t want to do this work any longer. I came back over a year later to see if he still wanted to sell his business, he did, and I bought it. Shortly after, I was called to duty in Iraq, was wounded, and moved to San Antonio TX all of which precluded me from doing much of anything hobby-wise for several years.

I believe you should have a standard to measure the work you seek to have done on your project. This starts with the care and custodianship of your project. A recent career change from the US Army to being self-employed caused me to look at what ‘things’ could be measured and explained in words. When I was in the Army, evaluating a soldier’s performance had to be measured and documented. This was done to justify promotions, decorations, awards, and even disciplinary actions. I find this attitude apropos in this non-Army realm. You can expect a complete evaluation of my work; such as documenting the progress of your project with many photographs, emails, texts or telephone calls stating discoveries that were not known to the both of us as I started your project. This is especially cogent if you have and idea of what you want to spend vs. the reality of what it’s going to cost.

Every car body that comes in gets mounted on a rotisserie. The rotisserie is modified to fit your car, not your car to fit the rotisserie. There are huge benefits to this tool; your car will be much cleaner when I’m done with it, and, it’s much easier for me to work on your vehicle this way. I will return your project to you free from all old paints, rust, fillers, dirt, and undercoating and in bare-metal form. Anywhere the blasting nozzle can aim, and fit, it will get blasted -- even areas that never will be looked at when the car is assembled. I can facilitate getting your car in some acid etch primer and or epoxy primer upon completion of media blasting if you don’t have a plan for this. However, prior to any painting seeing your project in its bare-metal form shows that I did my job by stripping it clean, and you see the good and bad news of your vehicle. If any facility offers you priming services as part of the package you will never know if they did their job correctly or just painted over inadequate work!