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Media Blasting:

I specialize in getting your car or project clean of all rust and paint and when I'm done your car is completely ready for your painter.  Every square inch of your car is prepared and has a slight profile -- perhaps a1000 - 1500 grit profile surface which is perfect for primers, your painter will appreciate this. 
I've found lightweight, dry blasting media is the best choice which has a far less weight per same volume of crushed glass or other heavy blasting medias - even the so called dust less blasting systems. It's the end state of the car/project is more important than the time needed to render such a service, meaning, why would you even want a quick blast in your driveway? 
I've tried and used the so-called Blasting machines that are advertised as being dust less, or, dust free.  I assure you, there is always dust when conducting Media Blasting operations. I'm not mobile, there is no way a mobile system can render the complete job your car needs in an afternoon setting.  Glass, Trim, Wiring, Lights, etc., must be removed.  Water weighs 7lbs or slightly more a gallon, and, these so-called processes that claim no dust dampen down the dust by having a water-borne media.  
Claims of warping from heat from media blasting is an often repeated semi-truth.  What causes wapring and distorting of panels from Media Blasting is usually lack of experience the operation has which means the air pressure, and air volume are not dialed in. In a dust less system (which I do not use) hundreds of gallons of water are utilized and a lot of PSI and air volume to maintain the air pressure.  What actually causes damage to panels is akin to the action of hundreds of small Ball Peen Hammers coming down consecutively in a small area on your car panel.  What you the consumer need to know (and your blaster for sure should know this) is how to mitigate these effects.  
I'm far better prepared than any mobile or quick process to handle your blasting needs and requirements because I've done hundreds of car bodies thus far. 



Media Blasting: $225.00 per hour. 
Welding/Metalwork/Fabricating/Analysis: $75.00 per hour. 
Small Cars: 6-8 hours
Medium Cars: 8-10 hours
Large Cars: 9-11 hours
***NOTE: As of 15 Sept 2017 if I am hired to conduct extensive metal repair/replacement operations I will require up to a $5,000.00 deposit.  This is a lot of money, but, sadly, I've had too many customers who can't or won't pay which really hurts me as I have people to pay and bills to meet in order to keep the doors open.  This amount of money will be the first and last month of work, all media blasting, epoxy priming, supplies, and new replacement metal,  When $7,000.00 has been expended I will invoice you retaining the balance to be drawn upon when you can't pay or won't pay due to whatever circumstances arise be they natural disasters or if you lose interest -- this affords me the time to prepare and conclude operations so you can come and retrieve your vehicle and all debts are paid this way.***

The Process: Can take approximately 10 days (in an ideal situation this is how it goes)

Receive the car body, this is either me going to get it, or, the customer brings it to me.  I usually get the car off the trailer (if I go get the car) and onto the lift on this day. 

Wheel one of my rotisseries in under the car, lower the car and set the rotisserie to the car, not the car to the rotisserie. Any modifications needed are done to the rotisserie.  Basically, each car is a custom marriage to the rotisserie. Sometimes this process can take 2-3 hours to do correctly.  Correctly means ensuring the car is balanced and spins easily and all axis’ are aligned to meet the center mass of the car. 

All undercoatings and gasket remnant materials are removed from the vehicle by hand, scraping it off after heating it up works best, usually I fill up two 5 gallon buckets of just undercoating. I do this by hand to get to know the vehicle, the areas I will need to pay attention to.  It can take 3 days to get the entire car body and parts clean, then there is recovery and clean up operations and recover the vehicle off the rotisserie.




After the Media Blasting process is completed, you likely will need extensive metal repair operations because there is no way you can tell what your panels will be like in bare form!  I see so many people 'guessing' and 'knocking' on fenders and panels and determining by the feedback and sound if a panel is good or bad.  This is just plain foolishness and steeped in ignorance!  I can handle the new metal requirements too for you if needed.


You need primer on bare metal.  If I'm keeping your car for metal repair operations I will put it in Epoxy primer which is such a good choice to make in terms of holding the metal and providing a good surface to work on. 

Rotisserie/Car Dolly Fabrication: 

I've seen a trend over the past few years, whereas you need a Car Dolly and or Rotisserie for your project, but, don't know where to buy one, and, after you see the prices for these rare and often special-built tools -- and the shipping costs associated with these useful tools, you may just pause and not do anything.  I'm pleased to announce that for 2013 I'll start making these as needed and requested by you when and if I contract for your car body Media Blasting.  The costs to have this made will be around $450.00-$600.00 dollars for a simple 4 wheel (2 steerable) heavy duty car dolly.  For a Rotisserie (depending on if you want one akin to my 'large' or 'small' Rotisserie) is a much bigger task, and will likely cost around $850.00- $1300.00.  These are invaluable tools, and will pay for themselves over and over again.  You will never lay on the ground again after using a Rotisserie! See the items I've personally designed, fabricated and built here.